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545 South Mobile Street
Fairhope, Alabama  36532
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Matthew 25:35

May is Mission Month here at Trinity. All this month, we are thinking about the ways that God's good work can be done in this community, and then we want to have a hand in doing that good work! Our theme is Matthew 25:35ff where Jesus says, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me."   

We would love to hear how you were able to bless someone, and we'd like to share with you some of the stories we have already received from our May 6 Matthew 25:35 offering . . .
After a whole month of looking for my "planned recipient" I FINALLY saw him! My plan for getting the elderly gentleman a bicycle basket (his only mode of transportation) fell through due to his bike having funky handlebars and really no place to fasten a basket. More importantly, on talking with him about our church project and assuring him that he could tell me if he had real, more serious needs he stated that he really could use the money for food. My husband had not yet found what he wanted to do with his, so he decided to put it with mine for Gregory. We took an envelope with $50.70 to him and also a bag of groceries we had additionally purchased for him. He was very, very appreciative and I feel that we have made a friend that we will continue to help in small ways.
I added to the gift and bought treats for the staff of the new rehabilitation center at Thomas Hospital. I wanted to show appreciation for their work as they rebuild bodies damaged by illness, surgery, or stroke and enable people to recover a measure of independence. I wanted to celebrate the team spirit of encouragement and hope that patients feel and that inspires them to do their best in recovery.
As a family, we chose to pool our 3 offerings together. We decided the Fairhope Police Department would be the recipient of the offering. Water, Propel drink mixes for hydration, and a few snacks were purchased and delivered to the FHPD at the end of May. In addition, we have asked friends and family to join us during the summer months to keep our city workers hydrated by delivering bottles of water and Propel drink mixes to not only the FHPD but the other city departments that are working outdoors daily.  

Thank you, Missions committee for spearheading the Matthew 25:35 offering, and helping our family to do a little more for our local first responders and city workers.
My wife and I have provided the Matthew 25:35 gifts to Lakeshore. We have had several "disabilities" in our lives and have been fortunate by persistence, determination, blind faith many times, and God's eminent grace to have worked through them and survived. As a former Stephen Minister, I have seen the many things than can derail families, fortunes, and personal hopes and dreams. Lakeshore’s mission is to enable people with physical disability and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active, and independent lifestyles through physical activity, sport, recreation, advocacy, policy, and research.
Yesterday, while going north on 98, I passed a thin older man on the shoulder of the road, riding a bike that was pulling a wagon. By the time I could pull over, I was a bit up the road from him. He, in the meantime, had to get off the bike and push it up the hill. (As I waited, a policeman stopped and asked if I was okay...I wondered if I was going to get a ticket, but I explained what I was doing.) I waited, watching in the rear-view mirror until the man got closer, then I walked back to him and told him "I'd like to give you something, and I hope it blesses your day". As he looked at me, he said "I'm already blessed. Every day I wake up I am blessed." I said, "You're right. There are some people who won't wake up tomorrow." With a toothless slight grin, he then started quoting scripture to me. As I was leaving, I put my hand on his shoulder and said "God Bless You. I hope you have a good afternoon". He returned the sentiment. He passed my car, still walking and pushing, and as I drove off, he had not opened the envelope, and I hoped the backpack in the wagon was not holding all his worldly possessions. I left there thinking he was the person meant for my gift. God chose him for me, and I couldn't have felt better, though sadly touched by him. I also admired him, that he wasn't standing at an intersection with a bucket.
After prayer and thinking about this gift, we have decided to purchase $100 in $5 McDonald's gift certificates. We travel a lot and encounter the homeless in cities on the street, it is always difficult to know how to help. You hear about high incidence of drug use in the homeless and we felt the gift certificates would meet basic needs. That’s why we decided on McDonald’s gift certificates. We plan on keeping these gift certificates with us for anyone we meet who is in a difficult situation. This has been a great motivation to address the needs we see every day and find ways to take action.